Trainer Profile

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Applied Neuro Synergy & NLP Trainer (GAANS –
Neuro-Semantics & NLP Trainer (ISNS, USA)
Meta-Coach (MCF, USA)
HR Consultant | Learning Technologist

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He started his career in Ministry of Home Affairs before joining Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA). Thereafter, he worked in Operations in very large company before held senior human resources position. Currently, he runs his own training and consultancy firm.

As a trainer, he has trained widely in private sector in the area of Human Resources Management, Industrial Relations, Labour Laws, Supervisory Skills, Motivation, Salary Administration, Teambuilding and Customer Service. He has more than 25 years’ experience both at the strategic and operational levels in managing human resources. Experienced in handling more than 1000 disciplinary cases including termination and dismissal. He also has vast experienced in negotiating of collective agreements with both in house and national unions.His consulting experience ranges from HR Policy and Manual, Employee Handbook, Training & Development, Retrenchment and Termination of Employee.

En Mohd Fauzi Nordin is a Applied Neuro Synergy Trainer and Coach (GAANS), Certified Neuro-Semantics & NLP Trainer (ISNS,USA) & (NFNLP, USA), Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC, ISNS – USA), Certified LAB Profile Practitioner (SS,CAN), Certified Performance Coach (OUM/International Coach Federation) and a Certified Trainer by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad.

En Mohd Fauzi holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Diploma in Personnel Management and Diploma in Public Administration.

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‘Employee Relations’ refers to a company’s efforts to manage relationships between employers and employees. An organization with a good employee relations program provides fair and consistent treatment to all employees so they will be committed to their jobs and loyal to the company. Such programs also aim to prevent and resolve problems arising from situations at work.

An effective employee relations program starts with clearly written policies. Employee relations policies describe the company’s philosophy, rules, and procedures for addressing employee-related matters and resolving problems in the workplace. Part of Employee Relations are Industrial Relations, which refers to all the relationships between the different stakeholders in an organization, such as employees, management and trade unions. The purpose of this is to make sure that all needs are met and everyone involved can move forward amicably.

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Course Objectives

  • Understand the concept of Employee Relations and Industrial Relations in Malaysia.
  • Definition of employee and workmen and its implications.
  • Right of workmen and employers and their trade unions.
  • Why employees form a union and how to work with Trade Union.
  • Disciplinary action and grievances procedures.
  • Understand all types of termination and dismissal.
  • Labour Department, Industrial Relations Department & Industrial Court .

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Course Content

  • Employee and Industrial Relations in Malaysia.
  • Definition of Employees and Workmen in Employment Act and Industrial Relations Act..
  • Trade Union Act, formation, recognition and issues in managing trade union.
  • Collective Bargaining and Collective Agreement.
  • Disciplinary action and grievances procedures.
  • Grievances Procedures and Complaints / Suggestion processes.
  • Law of termination and dismissal.
  • Managing all types of termination and dismissal:
    • Probationer
    • Constructive dismissal
    • End of fixed term contract
    • Forced resignation
    • Retrenchment
    • Retirement
    • Frustration of contract
    • Termination simpliciter
    • Misconduct and negligent
  • Functions of Labour Department, Industrial Relations Department and Industrial Court.

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Target Group

  • HR Executives, Managers and Directors
  • ER or IR Executives. Managers and Directors
  • Line Managers and Head of Departments that involves in HR functions

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