Trainer Profile

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Rosli Bakri, PMP®

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Rosli Bakri is an experience project manager who had been working with several Malaysian GLCs and private companies in the Telco industries. Throughout his 13 years of professional experience in managing project, from being the assistant project manager, project coordinator until the Program Manager position, he is very familiar with the functional structures in the organization and has understood deeply on the usual challenges faced by the project manager, when projects are being implemented across the matrix organization.

Rosli also has a sound technical knowledge on the Mobile Network architecture especially on the Billing System and VAS Systems. The combination of both (project management and technical knowledge), have made him a suitable candidate in giving a consultancy on the proper methodology of managing project in accordance with the best practice governed by PMI® from technical guy perspective.

As a freelance consultant, he is planning to share his knowledge and experience with the rest of the industries on the importance of applying the correct Project Management methodology in their projects, which consequently will yield more productivity and efficiency across the organization while maintaining competitive advantage in respective industry.

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Course overview

This course will expose the participants on the fundamental of Project Management methodology, skills, tools and technique based on the world Project Management best practise.

The participants who are involved directly and indirectly in a project, such as project managers, line managers or functional employees will be able to understand the importance of having the knowledge of Project Management best practise and enable them to be the agents of change to their organization in adopting the proper processes and environment to support the success of any project endeavours.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand to concept of framework of project management
  • Understand on what are effective ways to manage team members, stakeholders and the rest of people who are impacted by the project
  • Know how to coordinate the works by using documents and templates which are crucial to the success of meeting project objectives

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Course Outline


Day One Day Two

Part 1: Introduction to Project Management

  • Definition of project
  • Project Constraints
  • Global Standards Governing Project Management
  • Project Management knowledge areas
  • Project Life Cycle

Part 2: Project Initiation

  • Influence on a project
  • Identifying key stakeholder
  • Roles of project governance
  • Project selection
  • Selection Tools
  • Project Charter
  • Requirements and specifications

Part 3: Project Planning

  • Core Project team
  • Project management plan
  • Scope management
  • Estimating Techniques
  • Creating schedule
  • Network diagram
  • Determining Budget
  • Cost components
  • Resource Planning

Part 3: Project Planning Continues

  • Risk planning
  • Response strategies
  • Procurement planning
  • Communication planning
  • Project management plan
  • Project baseline

Part 4: Project Implementation

  • Assessing Project Performance
  • Earned Value Management
  • Corrective action
  • Performance reporting
  • Managing change

Part 4:
Project Implementation Continues

  • Managing risk
  • Managing quality
  • Developing project team
  • Managing stakeholders

Part 5: Project Closeout

  • Closing out project or phase
  • Customer acceptance
  • Project closeout issues
  • Procurement closeout vs project closeout
  • Lesson learned

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Delivery Style and Methodology

  • Lectures will be in English (or Malay if required)
  • Brainstorming
  • Group discussions
  • Individual exercise
  • Case study discussion

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